Marketing Strategies for ICO built with ICO script software in the crypto industry

The ICO market is currently in its rising phase and each day there are stories revolving cryptocurrency. It is crucial to make use of marketing strategies to promote your ICO software and reach your target audience.



How to get started with ICO Marketing?

A good website will always act as a foundation for your ICO marketing strategy. This will provide a great impression on your target audience. Your website should be completely intuitive and easy for users to navigate. While designing your dashboard with ICO dashboard script make sure it contains all the important components and features.

Yet another thing is to have complete information about ICO on the website. Once your website goes live, make sure you update frequent posts on Initial Coin Offering to engage your customers.

  •  Social Media Channels to reach Crypto Community

Social Media has become a valuable tool for marketing. This is the best place to communicate with your target audience. With social media, one can easily build the community.

Here are a few social media channels to promote your ICO built with ICO script software:

There are plenty of Facebook groups where people discuss Blockchain, ICO, Cryptocurrencies, etc. You can share your views here and introduce your product here.

This is yet another cryptocurrency channel composed of crypto experts. You can create threads and record your views here.

  • Quora

This is the public forum where people would approach the platform looking for the answers. You can post your answers relating to ICO here.

  • LinkedIn

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn also has multiple groups with thousands of members. Joining the groups are in turn free and therefore, it is an easy task for you to make your product circulate globally. 

  • Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is the most convenient part of the marketing strategy. While handling this Email Campaigns, it is important that you draft a content which doesn’t reflect direct marketing but convincing content. Moreover, Email marketing can bring in fantastic ROI without any doubts.

  • Bounty Programs

Bounty programs play a significant role in marketing. Offering Incentives and rewards to the people can be an effective strategy to bring in investors. While providing tokens, handle it with care since giving away the tokens can sometimes risk your project.

  • Press Releases

Press Releases are the professionally drafted content which is added to the top-tier websites to bring your target audience to the website. There are both free and paid sites available where you can post your contents.

  • Guest Blogging

This marketing strategy is similar to Press releases. A well-researched and informative article will be accepted by top-tier websites for sure. Moreover, Guest Blogs generate backlinks for you from top sites.

There are several quality sites which list the Initial Coin Offering. Being one of those ICO listed can be much beneficial. Some sites provide this without charging any fee. Anyhow, if you require a comprehensive solution, you can pay an amount of fee to get listed.

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