Security token offering crucial considerations to watch out for!

Well, ICO’s have already started to fall on one side. This has been the reason for the rise in security token offering platform. Coin offerings generated a profit of around $6 million in worldwide startup capital in the year 2017.

To put the security token offering definition simply, security token offering is a combination of Initial Coin Offering and Legal Compliance. A security token offering process performs equally in functionality.


Security Token Offering

How to Launch/ create STO?

Launching an STO is not a tedious process. Here are the steps involved in Launch your security token offering.

Every country will have certain regulations involved in selling, buying, fundraising, investment processes. There are certain regulations in the US, to launch your STO.

  1. Regulation D.
  2. Regulation A+.
  3. Regulation S.
  • Sketch a perfect STO plan

Once you understand the basic regulations and requirements, you must right down the smart STO business plan. In that Business plan, you must cover to whom you are selling the tokens which means the target audience. And how much capital you are going to rise through this!!

  • Get a proper consulting

Once you are done with these couple of tasks, you need to get the right consulting services to get your work done!!

Getting connected with the proper people will lead you to reap packed benefits and profits!

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